About Me

I am a graduate student at the University of Arizona as a University Fellow and NSF Graduate Fellow. I work on the MagAO-X extreme adaptive optics instrument, capable of directly imaging planets around other stars. My research has intrest lie in novel adpative optics techniques, from predictive control, ground based control, and now high performace calibrations.

Publications and Presenations

Want to check out my most recent work? I keep a list of my public appearances here so you don't have to work google too hard.

Publications Presentations

Computational Photography Blogs

One of the last classes I took in undergrad was an image processing lecture. Though these were class projects and heavily guided, they eneded up extremely interesting! Here I've archived those projects, whose techniques are universally useful.

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Research Projects

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Extreme AO with MagAO-X

Using incoherent sparkles to callibrate pyramid WFS.

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Ground Layer AO on 'imaka

Comparing performance across four wavelengths to show GLAO performance into the blue.

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Wind profiling with AO telemetry

Using GLAO look telemetry to predict wind direction, speed, and height

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Predictive control on Keck II

Working with Epirically orthogonal Functions to implement predicive AO control on Keck.

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