An overview of my research projects.

Why Research?

When I started college, I was pretty certain that I would end up in a CS office job. Yet here I am, deeply invested in a PhD. Each of my projects gave another window into the world of academia, and eventually I switched feilds to follow the work I found the most exciting.

Research Projects

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Extreme AO with MagAO-X

Using incoherent sparkles to callibrate pyramid WFS.

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Adaptive secondaries with MAPS

Guest helping MAPS on their CACAO based controlled code.

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Ground Layer AO on 'imaka

Comparing performance across four wavelengths to show GLAO performance into the blue.

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Wind profiling with AO telemetry

Using GLAO look telemetry to predict wind direction, speed, and height

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Predictive control on Keck II

Working with Epirically orthogonal Functions to implement predicive AO control on Keck.

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Radial velocity with AO via Palomar

I worked on a compact AO team that used the palomar site for testing.

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